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  • I’m off this afternoon to San Francisco to attend BloggerCon IV, a gathering of people who publish on the web. This is turning into a tradition for me… I’ve attended the other three and didn’t see how I could pass up number four.

    Dave Winer is the motive force behind these gatherings the first of which was held during his stint as a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center. His old colleague John Palfrey will be there tomorrow discussing how to make money out of blogging. One of Palfrey’s blogging interests is Top Ten Sources, where Halley Suitt is CEO. Here’s an interview Dave did with Palfrey around the turn of the year (mp3).

    Our little corner of Second Street wil be alive with bloggers. Chris Pirillo and Ponzi will be there. Jim Zellmer from Madison was going to come, and I saw this as a chance to travel 2023 miles to meet him. Now it looks like he won’t be able top make it, so maybe I’ll have to make a local call this summer and introduce myself.

    Doc will be there. Mary Hodder. All kinds of nice people, and brilliant. I sent Dervala a note, asking for a lunch or coffee date. Haven’t heard back. Fingers crossed.

    While the bloggers are gathered at CNet on Second Street, the rest of the city will be jumping celebrating LBGT Pride.

    Perfect timing really… you have to be a little queer to be a blogger. And I must add… we’ve come a long way ladies.

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    2 comments on “Blogger Pride
    1. McD says:


      Work the room and get some more links of of these Super Bloggers. Ask dave to slip you into the defaults for the OPML Editor along with Scoble, TechCrucnch and Scripting.Com. He’ll ignore you of course because those links are purely arbitrary…

      I’m hoping dave Sify shows up and tries to explain the recent issues with Technorati and how it appears to be unfair or broekn and dave flies into the session and yanks the mic from dave Sifry’s hand and scream no commercials!
      And the audience, keen to undersstand why they hover in the 30,000 range want to understand the changes dave is making in the service and they scream at Winer to let the man finsih his thought and Dave yells:

      “If you don’t like my rules… you can all just leave.”

      And Dave Sifry goes into the hallway and everyone follows him to finish the conversation.

      But… I expect Dave won’t be there after the close call last year… if he does talk it will be to discuss is interest in personla uses of OPML: a safe topic for ANY commercial blogging executive.

      Have fun and stay prudent in all things!

    2. J. Alva Scruggs says:

      I think the conference will have to be judged a failure unless Rogers Cadenhead is imposed on to clean up a mess, at some personal expense, and is later treated very poorly for being a mensch.

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