It’s a thing. Who will be Kurtz to my Marlow? Robert Cox quotes Ed Cone regarding the center left politics of the three WinerCons:

Why don’t political conservatives come to BloggerCon? Robert Cox noted their absence at Stanford, and at his blog. As the person who invited Glenn Reynolds to be a panelist at the first Harvard BloggerCon, I can say it’s not an absolute truth, and it’s not intentional to the degree it is true. But the lack of conservative participants is striking. So I asked Cox, why don’t they come? It’s free, you know it’s going to be interesting, it certainly doesn’t lack for publicity… We agreed that geography is one factor, with the events to date held in dark blue Cambridge and the Bay Area, but people do travel to these things… From Robert’s response: “I go into the event knowing that pretty much everyone is left and lefter. I suspect some people on the right just assume (incorrectly) that this means they won’t be welcome.”

The idea that Dean or Kerry were voices from the left is worth challenging, but compared to the fundamentalist christians who elected Bush, I suppose they seem pretty liberal with their emphasis on choice, peaceful alternatives, environmental concerns, and individual dignity. Trust me, they are both centrists and that’s why the Democrats lost.

But that’s a story for another time.

I’m going to BlogNashville. No Hunter Thompson I, but rather a truth seeker with a spark of wit and a love for the creative. The Glen Reynoldses, the LaShawn Barbers will be there with their axes to grind. Oliver Willis intends to attend. If the game is to map web publishing to journalistic standards, then we can tack against the wind from the starboard and set a course toward objectivity.

What an opportunity to hear some new voices and meet some new people!