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  • by Frank Paynter on April 26, 2024

    Semiotics for beginners…. There it was, 1976, Berkeley, Liz Lyon was still with Steve but she’d leave soon for the Sorbonne taking all her knowledge of French movies, razor blades, and eyeballs with her. She had brothers who ran nuclear subs in the Pacific and a glorious way with cats. Was it her sense of of humor that hooked me up with her old UoP room-mate that bicentennial fourth of July at the Marin County Fair? I dunno, but I got two wonderful sons out of it and I haven’t seen Liz since she left for France. Thanks Liz, wherever you are!

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    Anonymous 04.27.04 at 12:47

    Ah Frank, long days ago.
    I remember seeing that film whilst at university in the early 60s. It was banned in GB at the time, but private cinema clubs (like the students’ union) could show it.
    Half the audience ran out, vomiting!
    I stayed but was so shocked that I don’t remember anything else about the film!
    What was it called?


    fp 04.27.04 at 6:51

    Luis Bunuel’s “Un Chien Andalou” (Andalusian Dog). It was made in 1928.

    Anonymous 04.27.04 at 10:55

    One son-of-a-bitch film then . . .

    fp 04.28.04 at 7:30


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