World of Middles: 6Bone Phone Home

Connecting IPv6 Routing Domains Over the IPv4 Internet by Brian Carpenter, Keith Moore, and Bob Fink

Everything you wanted to know about the IPv4 to IPv6 transition and more, in this Cisco publication

“Of great concern to transition strategy planners is how to provide connectivity between IPv6-enabled end-user sites (also known as routing domains) when they do not yet have a reasonable (or any) choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides native IPv6 transport services. One way to provide IPv6 connectivity between end-user sites (when native IPv6 service does not exist) is to use IPv6-over-IPv4 encapsulation (tunneling) between them, similar to the technique currently used in the 6bone [5] IPv6 testbed network.”


My Inner Dwarf

I took the test. It came out wrong. I self selected “Grumpy.” Maybe I’m not always Grumpy. Maybe I’m sometimes Dopey. Or Sneezy. Or Bashful. Or Doc. Or Happy. Or Sleepy.

In truth I have a lot of Dopey in me. But then, sometimes I’m almost Sneezy. There are days you’ll find me Happy. I’m seldom Bashful anymore, but it wasn’t that long ago that this dwarf hobbled me a bit. Doc? There’s really only room for one Doc. But I’m often Sleepy, and that’s for sure. I don’t think we need feel bound by only one inner-Dwarf. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I don’t have a little Snow White in there somewhere too.

Yggdrasil My Ash…

Catching up on some reading this morning, I found Stu Savory’s Christmas Eve piece about holiday season beliefs and traditions. Spooky… the picture he paints of the US as a belief oriented society. But I wonder if he isn’t mixing up his pagan traditions a little? I always thought the pine tree traditions were similar but distinct from the Norse “world tree” perspective with Yggdrasil, the sacred ash at the center of all existence. And digging deeper into etymological distinctions, it was my understanding that it’s “in the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines.” So what does this have to do with “hauling ashes?” Just wondering.

Right-wing Ideological Movement

The Tutor has a link to the Commonweal Institute’s information on the right-wing ideological movement. far from conservative values or conservative programmatic responses to social needs, these ideologues seek to leverage political and personal power under the banner of an ideological movement… our public education of course prepared us for evaluating ideological movements on the left (such as Communism) and on the right (such as Fascism) and discounting them as less than thoughtful responses to complex and shared sets of social problems and concerns. That very public education is under the direct attack by the right-wing ideologues. Read a little of this stuff and see if you can guess why:

A Top Ten List or Three…

Lewisburg, PA. December 26, 2024. … today released its Top 10 Words of 2024, featuring words that have made the news this year. The complete list includes the top phrases, the top names, the best and worst product names, top Enron inspired words, top YouthSpeak words, and others.

Leave it to Jerry Mathers

Lenny Bruce received a posthumous pardon the other day. I’m sure he would have used it for toilet paper. Being dead, there’s not a lot of good Pataki’s forgiveness can do for him. But here in our own little corner of blogaria, we have a cause celebre in the making… or not. I’m pleased to be presented with the graphical art at RB’s shop, and the social commentary that accompanies it. But the bible belt ain’t that far away and it has a tendency to be tightened in these parlous, if certainly less than perilous (though all dolled up in Orange) times. Walk tall RB… but be careful lest the long arm of John (Law) Ashcroft reach out and chill your rights to free speech.

How Cool!

I did a TRACKBACK! I was a trackback virgin but now I’m not. I think the earth moved. (Now, in a fit of recursive weirdness I did a trackback in this post of the post I did my trackback in… but it wasn’t as satisfying somehow. Probably didn’t use the right personal lubricant.)