A promise of wondrous chickens to come…

More than cautious whining about Net Neutrality, we’re talking about a giant rip-off of money you already paid the phone company. Ouraged? Attend the July 25th hearing. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, Ma and Pa Bell.

Out of the dark and rainy wintry realms down-under, ARJ is re-emerging with more bloggalicious goodness. And hey, like so many others, she’s working with Odeo!

If you’re on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard this weekend, then you will want to listen on WCAI or WNAN to Jenny Attiyeh’s interview with Robert Pinsky. It’s about David, a guy who lived maybe 3000 years ago, was beloved of God, and as a result, he got away with more than his share. He was a seductive, wily politician, a doting father, a bitter old man. What’s not to love about this archetype? (If you’re not on the island, you can just fire up the audio from Jenny’s thoughtcast site!)

This just in from the mysterious Mme. L.: typepad, livejournal (and i imagine whatever hell else they own) have been down since 9am here in france. to add injury, the six apart status site is also inaccessible. i don’t see anything online about it. Maybe it’s a psy-war communication disruption. Or wait. Maybe it’s sunspots. No, no. I know. The entire euronet has crumbled under the intense pressure of people listening to Bush mumble Texanisms about Hezbollah and watching him put the moves of the German Chancellor. The six apart status page doesn’t mention the disruption.

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