Time Goes By

I’m guest blogging at Ronni Bennett’s Time Goes By today.  Check it out for some of my most pedantic and humorless BS ever.  I’m always embarrassed when I post this kind of thing here.  Imagine how embarrassed I get when it’s someone else’s blog I’m polluting.  Nevertheless, check it out… unlike the other guest bloggers she tapped while she’s in Austin, my single qualification is that I’m older than dirt. 

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3 comments on “Time Goes By
  1. Tamar says:

    Frank, it was a seriously good post. Don’t be bashful. I love Shakespeare anyway and to have *you* quote it … well! … ahhhh … what can I say? … back to groupie status I go, yes indeed!

  2. fp says:

    It is really nice to have a fan! Thanks Tamar.

  3. Oh, give me a break, Frank. What was it I said about you a long time ago – something about occasionally you lose me…

    This wasn’t one of those time. And thank you so much for doing a terrific guest blog for me.



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