Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossanna

I’m happy for them.  McMurtry has always been this humble "I’m a minor regional novelist" guy while pumping round after round into the belly of the beast.  I met him at a book signing in Denver.  He seemed kind of surly.  I was impressed.

I’ve been a fan since I read Leaving Cheyenne in the sixties.  He knows about love and honesty and dis-.

I’ve been a fan since I saw Hud, and I didn’t even know it.


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3 comments on “Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossanna
  1. Brian says:

    You know .. some of us spent the day far far from the television, met and conversed (and hopefully impressed) some very smart and quirky individuals and then drove from Minneapolis to Neenah and just got back … I had to google and guess you’re talking about the Oscars.

    So, yes, go McMurtry. Love your writing, glad you’re being recognized in Hollywood for it. I had no idea you were even associated with the movie but in retrospect I’m not surprised.

  2. fp says:

    Mars Con?

    I hope it was rewarding. We had about four inches of heavy, wet snow here. How was it where you were?

  3. Brian says:

    Mars Con. We didn’t have as many people attend the presentation as we wanted. I blame the early hour (10 a.m.) but the people that did show up – and the room was mostly full – were attentive. We also didn’t have as much A/V at the table and the process for convincing people to sign up for our announcement list needs work.

    And I flat ran out of time to print the keen business cards.

    But worth it, I think for reaons I need to blog about (heh).

    It snowed a few inches in Minneapolis. Then we drove home through the tail end of the storm. Lost a windshield wiper east of Tomah. Jazzed the “Int Wiper” lever and ZIP off went the right hand wiper. Just solid gone man.



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