All the Fits That’s News to Print

Here are a few links to help keep tabs on what’s up at Nuremburg Stadium this week:

The Village Voice

NYC Indymedia


New York Times

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2 comments on “All the Fits That’s News to Print
  1. Don Skoller says:

    I got here by punching in “all the fits that’s news to print” which I’d just coined on my own (after a “letter to editor” about a NYTimes op-ed David Brooks colon, I mean column, and liked the realignment so much I wanted to see if anyone had gotten there first and was delighted to find they had! I come up with these by the hour but a kindred spirit is much harder to find. Some of my other “goodies” that I coined on my own (possibly later than I’d think as far as no one else getting the drop on same)are “Dumbocracy” which if left to its own devices could become “Doomocracy”. I’m also non-famous for having launched a movement to make 12/12/00 (or: 12/12/Uh-Oh)a national or even planetary day of observance, called SILENCED MAJORITY DAY because that’s when the US Soupream Curt shafted us by stopping the Florida recount and installed Unprecedented George in the Whitest House.

    All the above is a sampling of my credentials. How do we get in two-way street contact? When do we start. Time’s a’wasting. ( How ’bout a “Whack Nader” fund? And I voted for him in Uh-Oh).

  2. fp says:

    I have never had an original thought in my life. All of my coinage was minted earlier by someone else. In the case of “All the Fits…” I knew some people in San Francisco, California in the early 70s who published a magazine called “Fits.” You can extrapolate their motto. Sorry that their names escape me and this is all the attribution I can give.

    Actually, I may have had an original thought or two, but deeper plumbing always reveals an earlier originator and/or co-conspirator. Indeed there’s nothing new under the sun.



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