Oh My Goodness!

Ken Camp deploys reams of truth today about our networked technologies and not all of the Truth lines up nicely with the conventional wisdom of our founding blog-fathers. Ken is an IP telephony expert with a deep understanding of POTS and PSTN and all that jazz. He is saying a lot of what I’ve been thinking (typographical errors and all!) Forgive him his typos and read for content… Ken is on a roll with a well reasoned engineering and capital investment critique of the “World of Ends” essay that David Weinberger and Doc Searls wrote. In a way, this engineering perspective can be seen as orthogonal to the marketing and policy shaping work of Weinberger and Searls. They’re selling a concept of a dumb network with intelligent edges. Ken is painting the reality of QoS and media contents (non-bursty traffic) versus data contents (bursty traffic). He describes the network administrators’ truth of hardware and network software and all the wires and routers and switches and antique telephony gear that is the chewing gum and glue that holds this wonderful Internet together. This is a long piece and it deserves to be read. Please read it.

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  1. How Cool!

    I did a TRACKBACK! I was a trackback virgin but now I’m not. I think the earth moved. (Now, in a fit of recursive weirdness I did a trackback in this post of the post I did my trackback in…

  2. Ken Camo says:

    Ok, so I ran it through the spell checker this morning. Just for you Frank. hehehe I often don’t bother.

  3. jr says:

    Thanks for the link. Ken gives us an often deserved wack upside the head.

  4. fp says:


    Ken, I could tell you were on a roll when you posted and that the work was draft-ish… so forgive me for mentioninmg the typos, but they did slow me down so I’m glad you tidied up for when I re-read it.


    jr, yw.

  5. Ken Camo says:

    I tend to get this stream of consciousness flurry going and often post things that really need to be cleaned up. When they’re written for money I clean them up. When they’re blog fodder, well, I know anyone who reads the drivel I post is sharp enough to get through without cosmetic work, although I do try to go revisit the more content-laden posts later in the day.

  6. World of Ends as a Beginning

    Frank Paynter commented on my comments to David Weinberger Looking for a reasonable way to respond/reply without constraining things to comments, so I’m taking the liberty of answering here, hoping the link back to David’s comments works, and anticipat…



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