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eye for an eyesore

Dueling BillboardsAdd to My Profile | More Videos [tags]mario digeorgio, KITTY, Keep IT To Yourself, dueling billboards[/tags]

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Loren Feldman’s best 2021 prediction…

“It will finally dawn on people that the most important voice on the web is their own, not the dopes’ that they’re following.”

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Denying Darwin

Between four and four-thirty this morning the dog went nuts.  Beth got up and looked out the window.  Two men were standing in the drive.  She threw up the sash, opened the storm window, and asked what they wanted. They had run out of gas. “Tell them we have none,” I mumbled into my pillow, [...]

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Bottom Feeding

I woke up this morning feeling like a bottom feeder, a detrivore, a great carp sucking up decayed bits of organic matter from the Interwebs floor. I am stuffed with negative criticism and a growing ill feeling regarding most of the online personalities who have been flogging their “personal brands,” their “global microbrands,” their “start-ups,” [...]

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United Web of Lyncherdom

Shelley has a good post with an interesting comment thread about a social network, a virtual tree, and a virtual rope. And there in the middle of the thread, surfacing links that are as creepy as a clergyman, is Miss Ann herself. Miss Ann bats her baby blues and confesses, “I’ve been guilty of inciting [...]

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I’m reflecting on this here because I had a tough time posting a comment containing the link on Maeve’s awful but insightful unedited eight minutes trying to say “decaf coffee” and imitate the bourgeois maundering of an actress from NoCents on that company’s entry in the Cookie Contest. The NoCents script was didactic and boring [...]

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“On [his] watch…”

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Liars and Thieves

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