7th May 2007

Belated Sunday Link Giving

I provided a list o links last week and forgot about it. Yesterday I finished reading a sci-fi novel, plugged away at the Ajax Bible, started a new Richard Clarke novel (Breakpoint), read and commented on a few blogs and neglected my brief implied commitment to provide a Sunday link list. I also watched the Sopranos and the Tudors, read a few more chapters in Everything is Miscellaneous, and took a nice nap in the afternoon (no proximate causality should be inferred).

This morning I saw a comment from Christine Thurow (not a surly asshat), and was reminded of what seems like a nice practice. So here, in a hopeless attempt to make Monday feel a little more like Sunday, is my belated Sunday link giving exercise…

Some blogs I read this week… (all the blogs I linked to last week, plus):

Ethan Zuckerman
BoingBoing - Cory Doctorow’s review of Everything is Miscellaneous
Karen Schneider
Chris Locke

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