Old School

Sometimes you run across something on the internets that must be shared.  So it is with Old School Hiphop.

There’s a bird in yard…

…goes by Dusty.

Like words?  Prosody?  Poetics?  Peotics?  Noetics?  Neotics? Numbly peg?  Canes called Abel?  Willing?  Ready?

Go to M. Levy’s where she’s a’ mulling and so forth.

Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral water

I’d also read that crows eat Japanese beetles (both the grubs and
adults), but I haven’t been able to persuade Heckyl and Jeckyl to take
a break from their tire-seared squirrel carpaccio or their
Wednesday-morning curbside garbage bag potluck.

"Tire-seared squirrel carpaccio…"  I’m glad I visited The Bookish Gardener this morning and caught up on her July postings.  It’s high sumnmer in Madison and reading Chan Stroman broadens one’s appreciation for what is around us.

Eco freak…

Chris Locke, aka RB, XBO, etc., etc. has a good one tonight at Mystic Bourgeoisie, his book blog.  He’s shifting gears from full bloggy goodness to more typeface and whitespace… working his way out of pixels and into dead trees.

I wish there was a way to convert his brilliant web design efforts into print as well, but alas… there’s only so many ways you roll the 12 point bodoni.  Sounds like a crap table thing when I say it that way.

Think Global, Eat Local

Today at the farmer’s market…


Notice how the coffee cups switch hands and the parent in front of the camera has to hold the lisyanthus.


CAFTA, Central America, and China

In Honduras are many Chinese manufacturing facilities.   CAFTA drops trade barriers with Honduras.  Besides WalMart, who benefits?  There are people in Honduras with jobs and companies in China with revenue, so all in all I’d say the people of Honduras benefit because they have more jobs, and Venezuela benefits by getting a new hard cash customer (China) for oil exports.  It is probably more complicated than this.

Blog Sisters

BlogHerCon is in full swing with a live chat here.

I was tickled to see one of the chatters refer to the list of links at BlogSisters…  I remember when Jeneane – with a lot of help from ElaineAndrea, and others – set the place up.  I feel like Uncle Frank in all this, because these women were all among my earliest Sandhill Interviewees.  I have to find time to get back to that work.  More interviews with more Blog Sisters.  And Brothers.

Kate and Ben in Madtown

Kate and Ben

We’re showing off our town this weekend… Ben and Kate are visiting so Beth and I get to do some of the fun things that we usually don’t because we are too busy doing "important" things.  Last night we had brats on the Union Terrace and a walk along the lake and through the old part of the campus.  This morning we’re off for a swing through the farmers market.  Later in the day Ben and I will plant a few birch trees.  Tonight the Blue Moon CSA is having a bonfire and potluck on our land a few hundred yards from the back door.  Tomorrow morning, brunch – and the intrepid travelers get back on the road for Kansas City.