I’ve Ridden In This Buggy

Dean’s 15 year old 300,000 mile plus Honda Accord bit the dust. Lucky for all concerned he didn’t plunge off the parkway into the river or something. When I rode in that car I thought that all that held it together was cigar smoke and perhaps some baling wire. Looks like the baling wire gave out. It’s been a bad season all around for Dean, but things are bound to look up. Bad stuff happens in threes.

A Brief Time of History

From the Independent:

Stephen Hawking, Britain’s most eminent scientist, has become the latest prominent opponent of the Iraq war by agreeing to take the lead role in a ceremonial protest to coincide with the United States presidential election.

Peace protesters will gather in Trafalgar Square at 5pm on Tuesday, where they will read out the names of 5,000 Iraqi men, women and children known to have died in the conflict.

The full death toll was put last week as high as 100,000.

Playwrights Harold Pinter and David Hare, actress Juliet Stevenson, the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, and relatives of British soldiers killed in action in Iraq have all agreed to take part.

Pacifism and Truth

Yeah, but what if this guy with a gun was beating the snot out of your aged and infirm mom, while your wife and daughter looked on in dismay and you knew they were next? I mean, what if a hundred gay Republicans were charging your son’s bedroom door and you knew they intended to do serious damage? Would you go batshit on them or just roll over? Hunh? Hunh? I mean…

Standing aside from the hypotheticals, AKMA confesses his pacifism, and in a linking that brings my heart gladness couples Margaret’s recommendation of Griffiths’ Lying – An Augustinian Theology of Duplicity to the practice. AKMA writes,

The pacifist’s opposition to war becomes operative only at the extremity of human behavior — whereas the real work of pacifism takes place day by day. Margaret’s going to argue that Augustinian truthfulness provides a model of how we can envision pacifism as a way of life, inasmuch as Augustine both prohibits deception and discusses how people can live in a world where deception prevails.

Nobody’s Monkey Day

When the ex-Governor of Wisconsin, anthrax fightin’, flu shot peddlin’, Mr. Health and Welfare (ne’mind Edumecation) himself – Tommy Thompson – called me today I didn’t pick up. I didn’t pick up for the greens or the naderistas or the Dumbocrats, or any of the other Repemmicans either. I didn’t pick up for my neighbor who would have urged me to vote, or for my co-religionist who would have urged me to drive the driverless on Tuesday. I didn’t pick up for the State Senator, the US Senator, the US Congressperson… is that politically correct enough? Congressperson? For gay representatives who are out of th ecloset is it okay to say Congressdyke? How about Congressfag? This is one of those deeper issues I’ll leave to the Gay Lesbian Bi Transgendered and Queer concerns community to sort out. I didn’t pick up for the Presidential candidates or for the County Clerk or for the District Attorney.

Thanks to Pen-Elayne for giving this behavior a label… “Nobody’s monkey Day!”

US Elections Monitoring

Last March, the Madison Arcatao Sister City Project/US-El Salvador Sister Cities Network sent 25 Madisonians to be International Observers at the landmark Salvadoran Presidential Elections.

For years, U.S. citizens have monitored Salvadoran elections upon invitation of grass-roots organizations. Now the tables are turned and U.S. citizens feel the great need to “defend democracy” by inviting a Salvadoran and other Internationalists to observe U.S. elections. US-El Salvador Sister Cities has brought our Representative Teresa Perez to the US to be part of an international observer team in Florida through the US group Pax Christi.

Earlier this year the United Nations ignored our plea for protection from the gangsterism of the Bush family and their cronies. We’ve turned to non-governmental organizations for support in running our elections in the Ashcroft/Rehnquist/Cheney/Bush era. Embarrassing, but necessary.

CSS Trouble Shooting Over Easy

It’s what’s for breakfast at the IT Kitchen. A few days ago Shelley took a closer look at the size of the IT Kitchen effort and agreed to extend the life of the project. Good decision!

Check out this morning’s post on CSS troubleshooting techniques by Robert Waggener. Have blogging wisdom to share? Sign up, sign in and post!

Wolfpacks for Truth

They told us we were shooting a Greenpeace commercial!
When the camera crew showed up, we wondered why they were all driving Hummers. Our agent assured us it was a Greenpeace commercial and they paid TWICE our hourly steak rate. Little did we know we were being tricked into this vicious campaign attack ad.

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