Convention Blogging

By the end of the convention the pet bloggers had fled the pound and found their ways home. I’m sure there were some insightful well written posts that came from the convention bloggers, but during the last week nothing remarkable has leaped off the screen at me.

Perhaps I should define “convention blogger.” The Democratic Convention invited more than a few dozen bloggers to join them at the convention, to function – I believe – as sort of a media auxilliary. Dave Winer set up a superfluous aggregation site that hooked in the hopeless political junkies with the real time opinions of bloggers. No search capability, no real subject categorization, that aggregation was like drinking from the firehose. there were two things about the convention that I wanted to check in on… platform development and progressive (read: Kucinich, not Dean) news.

Today, after the fact, without a lot of screening of blogs I won’t be able to see what bloggers had to say about those matters of interest to me. So what I’d like the blog world to provide me is a feed by topic of disparate blogs.

I started running through the blog roll at the absurdly suck, (though pictographically pleasing and cobnvenient as a gathering point) Winer site, and naturally I started with Wonkette since there would likely be news of both progressive politics and anal sex. Unfortunately Wonkette was not blogging the convention, so one wonders why and how she got on the blog roll. One doesn’t actually wonder since Dave is hopelessly enamored of MTV and Ana Marie was working with them this week. You can see how it would be a short hop to the Winermobile’s aggregation of what Boifromtroy was posting to her blog, though she wasn’t strictly speaking a “convention blogger.”

Okay, there were thrity-five convention bloggers and through the good work of Ms. Cox and her surrogate, I found the link to the WSJ article that provides a brief blog bio of each. There must have been dozens more on-site in Boston and/or at the convention who were also blogging, but these were the accredited ones. I have nothing negative to say about this idea of accrediting bloggers to blog the convention. That said, I would expect the not-accredited bloggers to have had as much and as little to say as the accredited ones.

I’m a guy who sat through the first three nights tuned to CNN because I didn’t get it that C-span actually had coverage. I’ll admit to a fondness to listening to Greenfield, my old UW Daily Cardinal editor in cheese. I’ve always been impressed by his work. But the point is, that I could have heard the Kucinich speech live if I’d been tuned to C-span.

The convention itself doesn’t mark the season of my interest in progressive politics, so there will be more opportunity for me to watch and perhaps help a peace consciousness develop out of the pragmatic war rhetoric of the Kerry campaign. Over the next few days I’ll probably review the work done by the convention bloggers just to get a feel of what they had to say.

Blogging is the voice of the people, bubbling up electronically across the whole spectrum of political opinions. I’d hope that with connectivity becoming ubiquitous and tools becoming ever more convenient and portable, that the whole issue of accrediting bloggers will become moot before 2024, when everyone can be a blogger anywhere.

Topdog has a list of delegates who blogged the convention in his blogroll on the left of his blog….

Tragedy in Eastern Canada

Gander NFLD Canada’s worst air disaster occurred today when a Cessna 152, a small two seater plane, crashed into a cemetery early this morning in central Newfoundland. Newfie search and rescue teams have recovered 826 bodies so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the evening.

Rebecca Blood…

Earlier this week Rebecca Blood said…

I am volunteering at the Democratic National Convention this week. I’m looking forward to it: I’ve never been to a political convention before. From what I know of my schedule, I likely won’t have time to update my weblog during the next week. While my duties will leave me little time to post here, the tradeoff should be access to events and areas which would, were I credentialled, be off limits.

She is very wise.

I’ll Vote for Kerry

I watched the speech. I’m a sucker for nobility, honor, truth. The only thing better about Clinton, I think, was his humble origin. Besides the fact that we have a true child of privilege leading the working and middle classes of the Democratic Party, I don’t have much to quibble with. Oh. The peace part. Well… he’s a warmonger, but there’s a pragmatic reality here. I’m voting for the hope that he’ll end tyhe war, not that he’ll continue to run it.


I’ve decided I’d rather watch Michael Douglas and Annette Bening in “The American President” than watch the Kerry speech tonight.

Thanks to Bruce for pointing to a link to the Kucinich speech.


The quadrennial conventions used to have some sizzle. Questions of whether to nuke the North Vietnamese until they glowed were earnestly debated by the repubs, while the Dems tried to be sure everyone in the big tent was pissing out, and not on each other. Platforms were shaped. The choice of running mate was brokered after the selection of the candidate was sealed. Delegates had a good time on the floor getting their ya-yas out, while the media competed for the best camera angles and interesting interviews.

Those days are gone. The event is thoroughly pasteurized and everyone is required to stay on message. If Sharpton deviates, then the discussion is about the deviation, not the content that he’s added. The Repubs started this bullshit several elections ago, but I never thought it would take root in the Democrats’ camp. Sadly, it has, and the days of the smoke filled rooms, the debates, the life of the conventions are over and we are left with media events of no more moment than BloggerCon.

Are the annointed convention bloggers writing about this? Sadly, my choice comes down to watching CNN or reading the bloggers and CNN wins this week.

Hades Bound


On Sunday I did yard work. I thought that after the yard work I might work on this little list. Well, here’s my progress report…

  1. Dig up Marek’s address and send him the damn book. Didn’t happen. What would life be like without important stuff to feel guilty about?
  2. Give the puppy a bath. Didn’t happen. What would life be like without the increasingly fetid stench of dirty dogs? Is the phrase “fetid stench” redundant?
  3. Work on the Draft Counseling Workshop. Hooray. Progress. I made some calls and sent out some materials in preparation for Saturday’s meeting. Not enough calls though. Still plenty to feed the guilt monster.
  4. Pay the household bills...Not! I think it’s Beth’s turn.
  5. Research hybrid cars. This one will be fun when I get around to it.
  6. Write a snarky post pointing out how everyone needs a copy editor with emphasis on recent typos at EGR and misusages at Dowbrigade. Typo at EGR got corrected without the snarky post. Dowbrigade is like Gen Y or something anyway. Why should he use the right words when he can hone in on the homonyms?
  7. Get with Dean and JR about the dormant “Billable Hours” idea. The road to hell is paved….
  8. Write a post for IT Garage. One more flagstone on the road I’m travelin’.
  9. Write a post for Lockergnome’s Net Connections. Have I mentioned my good intentions?
  10. Work on my photo albums. Okay, I did get Picasa chunking along and managed to send out some pictures that had been on the guilt list for a month or so.
  11. Address the next Sandhill version. If I’m lucky, Shelley will still be looking for some paid work to offset the cost of a new camera.
  12. Harass DH about the interview. Success! This is coming along nicely.
  13. Sort out the office. As if…
  14. Clean out the barn. Oh sure…
  15. Wash a car. Never happen…
  16. Drop in on dad. Guilt clouds on the horizon.
  17. Fix Mimsy’s hosed XP. This one would just be good karma. No guilt since I haven’t promised anything!
  18. Read the last McMurtry book. Still on the side table in the living room.
  19. Continue with the Stephenson book. A few pages enjoyed.
  20. Continue with the Westlake book. This seems to be my main fiction read right now. Making progress. Liking it.
  21. Finish the Krugman book. Luckily this is in the john and it’s a collection of columns. No hurry. Daily progress.
  22. Play fetch with Molly Zoom. Did that. lots of times since I wrote Sunday’s list.
  23. Write a post about puppy love. Sort of did that, but I left out the sacharine emotional and real parts. I love that dog much like I loved my first girl friend… it’s pure, it’s innocent… there’s a lot of potential… maybe we’lkl play frisbee!
  24. Take a nap. You. That one worked out just fine.
  25. Take a walk. Oddly, I did this too.
  26. Doink around with software. Not much doinkage happened.
  27. Doink around with the camera. See above re. not much doinkage.
  28. Call Matt and hassle him about visiting. The complex negotiations are in progress. We’re working on the shape of the table right now. And whether talks will be held in San Diego or Kansas city.

That’s AFTER I finish the yard work. (Well, I may not have accomplished much that was on the list, but then I didn’t exactly FINISH the yard work either.)