molly on her fifth birthday

How the time does fly. Molly at five is quite the model citizen, while Tessa plays the role of identified mental patient. Tessa (below) will be a year old next week.

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6 comments on “molly on her fifth birthday
  1. Beth says:

    “identified mental patient” is only part of it. Let’s talk “juvenile delinquent”, or, “just plain adolescent”. It’s all the same. The only hope is that Tessa will be five some day, too, if we all live that long.

    Actually, it’s great fun having two dogs. Wouldn’t want it any other way – well, maybe less dog hair . . .

  2. leslie says:

    that’s your red wagon!

    happy birthday molly!

  3. JH says:

    Beautiful animals .. thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. Betty Jo says:

    beth: “Actually, it’s great fun having two dogs.”
    So true – pack animals need a pack. Herd animals need a herd.
    I just checked on the new calf. Mom was grazing unconcerned, the calf nowhere to be seen. Then I noticed little Auntie Ellie (last year’s heifer) lying curled up near the fence line, with her new niece snuggled up to her keeping warm and toasty while Mom took a break. They looked so cute! Critters do add something special to each day.

    Nice photos.

  5. *jams a finger against Frank’s carotid and counts…*

    k, just checking.

  6. fp says:

    Still got a pulse, Charles. Been vacationing, recharging the engines in the Carolinas. Should re-emerge next week into this pixel-publishing world.



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