Teh tree uv cookiez

And today I was studying the lolcatbible and it occurred to me to start at the beginning becuz that’s how Ceiling Cat did it, and I ran across this passage in Genesis, Chapter 2, wherein we get a hint that maybe at one time before the fall, there was indeed a cookie tree, but unlike teh tree of knowledge and teh tree of life it was so tempting that Ceiling Cat himself ate it, for it had flavr:

8 An Ceiling Cat plantd garden eastwad, in eden; An ther he put teh man he madez. (i dono how he figurd out it wuz east, cuz ther wuznt any cumpasez yet.)9 An Ceiling Cat madez evry tree dat iz prity, An gud 4 fud; teh tree ov life wuz in teh garden 2, An teh tree ov teh knowledge ov gud An evil. man asked Ceiling Cat 2 makez a cookie tree, An Ceiling Cat made it. but he eated it. (no 1 had thot of cheezburger tree yet.)

And I thought perhaps that a hermeneutical perspective wuz called for, not hermes like the guy with the wings on his shoes, and certainly not hermes like the scarf maker that pronounces his name all “air-mezz” and stuff, but simple old hermeneutics like the ones about whether or not we can segregate our own world view from our interpretation of the meaning of special texts in order to understand them from somebody else’s point of view, like teh kittiez.

And I thought of Georg Gadamer and I thought with a name like Georg (pron. “Gay-org”) he probably had a hard time on the playground, but hell — Georg Jensen had the same handicap and he did okay, but he wasn’t hanging with Heidegger which not everybody considers a handicap, but then the same people who get huffy about Heidegger’s flirtation with German fascism, are ready to let Paul De Man’s dirty secret slide… which brings us to a discussion of the author of the Clint Eastwood epic masterpiece, “Outlaw Josey Wales,” unless you’d rather not go there.

Aww heck, let’s go there…  Asa Earl Carter has been called “the redneck Paul De Man.“  Carter’s writing career began in the white supremacist movement.  He wrote speeches for Governor George Wallace.  Later, writing as Forrest Carter, he wrote “The Education of Little Tree,” a book much beloved by the counter-culture in the seventies.  Notice the link provided is to an access restricted electronic journal.  Luckily for me, I was touristing in the Library of Congress today and so able to email myself a copy of the pdf.  Why can’t I, as an American citizen with a Library Card that gives me permission to read the holdings of the Library of Congress, use the library remotely and have access to all its electronic holdings?  It’s a private publishing industry corporate thing.  They won’t sell the Library of Congress a license to permit card holders electronic access.

So once again, I find my blog posting spiraling downward into subject matter that is derivative at best and discussed better by others who have more credibility in these areas than me.  For bible stuff, go here.  For electronic serials stuff, go here.  In fact, read Tom and AKMA together as they interact with each other around the bible stuff.  Me, I’m turning on the hotel wide-screen and looking for a copy of “Outlaw Josey Wales.”  I like the part where he spits tobacco juice on the dog’s head.

* * *

(In other news, Beth reports that Molly was checking my side of the bed this morning, to all appearances wondering where I am.  Good dog.)

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