Rich people…

There is perhaps a way to draw these links together into something coherent. But I have neither time, nor energy for same, so you (note the assumption that is there is a “you” there, an assumption buttressed by a stat counter but seldom by comments)… you simply must roll through the linkage (link-ahj, we say) and determine if there is anything meaningful, a gestalt as it were, one of those Fritz Perls moments, ask Chris about old Fritz… he can tell you.

Maybe you should play this while you follow these links… “Give me an inch and I’ll go for your throat, Don’t blame me for that shit that you wrote”

Rebecca Blood points to the Richest People in America

Tara takes time out from bidness for a feminist reflection

Monkey love appears on the topical horizon

Helen Razer knocks back a few

Jenny Attiyeh rides the range:

And yet Agnes [Martin] was far from alone, for here she joined good company, if not with the living, then with the ghosts of women who made Taos what it is�a wild country that nonetheless feeds and propels the commanding, contrary, authoritative monster female. We know the myths, the scary constellation of Millicent Rogers, Mabel Dodge, Georgia O’Keeffe, Rebecca James, Dorothy Brett, Frida Lawrence.

In Taos, it is the woman who rules.

And Shelley Powers, who designed Jenny’s ThoughtCast site, seems to get the last word again.

…but if you read this, I think you’ll find that mankind’s last best hope is for the anti-christ to appear as a small tin of pickled herring.

Meanwhile, Jeneane is eating birthday cake while da Cape burns.  No, but rilly, for the reality impaired and the Hughtrain claque, thanks to Jeneane for drawing Corporal Golby out of the surf and into the thick of the ongoing discussion of mediocre South African wines like Stormhoek, and the viticultural practices underpinning their ability to produce plonk.

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3 comments on “Rich people…
  1. Zo says:

    I discovered that a good friend of my former therapist had Fritz Perls, at some point in the Sixties, living in her house. Her husband brought him home unannounced. Bedlam ensued. The marriage shortly broke up.

    He got Fritz, she got the house.

  2. madame l. says:

    what was the square footage?

  3. zo says:

    Let’s just say it was a hella larger after she pried Fritz out.



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