“Hottie Flash” and her faithful bearded companion “Fatman”

Today it became clear to us that Beth is a superhero and I am her sidekick. Since I revealed our not-so-secret identities in the header, we probably won’t be admitted to the universal arcane fellowship of transdimensional superheroes and sidekicks. That doesn’t matter. Our success doesn’t depend upon access to a phone booth and spandex outfits worn beneath our street clothes. Our mission is simple: to bring peace and happiness to all the world.

Our super powers are simple too. For example, Beth can make kleenexes appear whenever they are needed. I can make boxes of fine chocolate vanish.

As in every superhero/sidekick relationship, roles and responsibilities are quite clearly defined. Beth bakes the stollen. I clean the cat box. Beth makes the pumpkin pie. I do the dishes.

Above image of Hottie Flash bears a striking resemblance to Amanda Sefton who may be copyrighted by Marvel Comics.

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One comment on ““Hottie Flash” and her faithful bearded companion “Fatman”
  1. Doug Alder says:

    Ah echoes of George Macdonald Frasier’s Flashman series (great stuff) – Hope you and Beth have a good Christmas Frank.



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