Fischer – Spassky?

Well, not really. But ze Frank has hurled the gauntlet and the League of Awesomeness has declared a game must be played. It’s fun. It’s wiki chess. Already ze is taunting the opposition with comments like:

“Oh fabulosos, you amuse me with your pretension.
Your pawn is but a suckling piglet on the teat of failure.”

C’mon over. We can beat this guy.

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One comment on “Fischer – Spassky?
  1. Winston says:

    I came here all grinny faced, prepared to be a real smartass and ask you what a “quantlet” is. On a hunch I Googled it first and found out it is for real – and most likely what you meant in this instance. Begging a thousand pardons, sire, I remain in awe of your linguistic edacity…



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