Slasher or Slashdotter?

Try this quiz…

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6 comments on “Slasher or Slashdotter?
  1. Stu Savory says:

    8/10, but only because I know/knew some of them personally.
    Don’t you wonder which sort? 😉

  2. fp says:

    I got 7/10 but only because I recognized the stains on some of their lapels. Don’t you wonder which sort?

  3. Winston says:

    8/10 by closing my eyes and picking at random

  4. 9/10 “My liver is safe”. Paranoia IS good for something… at long last!

  5. Harry says:

    8/10, and what makes you think your liver is safe, Peter?

  6. The message about my liver was from the program upon returning my score. But to an old organ harvester, such as yourself, I would point out that my liver has suffered some great abuse in it’s over half century, and would not be sought out except by cannibals whom might prefer theirs aged and pre-marinated.



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