Blowing in the wind…

I’ve lost touch with Mike Golby.  I haven’t been the most faithful correspondent over the last year or so, but Mike’s work is seminal.  His blogs use a lot of bandwidth where they’re being hosted, and we are mounting a project to support keeping the body of his work together while we sort out what he intends to do with it.  The blogs belong to the people. I think.  Let me know if you’d like to help out in some way.  The work that Mike did over the last three or four years was amazing.  We need to find a way to preserve it if Mike is willing.

Can anybody help me get in touch with Mike?

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3 comments on “Blowing in the wind…
  1. Allan Moult says:

    Hi cobber

    Have you tried this email address?

    I’m willing to help. Let me know what happens.

    cheers from Down Under

  2. fp says:

    Good news is I’ve heard from Mike. All I needed to do was whine a lot. right now he is with Turner on a secret mission to Pago Pago… something about rooting out corruption in the rattan furniture industry. When he returns he will be blogging more.

  3. bmo says:

    The corruptiuon lies in the Indonesian rattan boreworm. Locke is on the case, I think. This is beyond the ken of whatever that outfit it is he and you are peddling.

    This is actually exciting. The return of golby.

    When he returns, all will know. Blue smoke will rise from my chimney.



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