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  • by Frank Paynter on December 15, 2024

    Howblog_1On a desktop baby… thanx to Madame Levy for the link.   You might want to just cut the volume after the opening anniversary song, since Madge Weinstein gets a little fartological with overflowing toilets and what-not.

    Then I got this message from Kombinat!

    How do I blog? You seem to be asking about mechanics of blogging? I use
    Ecto for Mac posting to Kombinat! I am lazy so I don’t edit. I don’t even check
    my grammar and spelling. I just vomit language onto a page in real time. Bada
    Bing. There! Language! Sprayed on the page. - And 5 minutes later I might delete
    it; or 3 days later I might edit it and sculpt the dried up vomit to make
    something out of it. Or I will delete it because it was of no use to what I am
    building. Actually I am building something with this blogging I just don’t know
    what it is. It’s like hundreds of possible projects and all just sprayed there,
    just splattered. I think I actually blog to wake myself up from the ‘agreeable
    somnolence’. I write as if it’s not me so when I visit my blog I can read and
    say "what kind of a stupid ass wrote this shit" and kind of look for clues to
    wake up from the predictability of life. It works sometimes.

    But 99% of my time blogging I spend by hanging out on other people’s blogs.
    For every 67 posts RageBoy makes I make one. I can read Mike Golby and
    Matrullo’s stuff all the time. And of course "wood s lot" is a constant
    archeological dig months back. All of it good. All this blogging with time
    stamps is really irrelevant. My blogging is all about reading other people’s
    stuff from way back. I just read, surf, listen to music, talk on the phone,
    that’s how I blog.

    I actually noticed that I’ve spent this year splattering lots of comments
    at WealthBondage using incomprehensible logic and obscure themes, weaving
    personas, digging for gold of human thought. I have incredible allergic
    reactions to cliches, to reasonable sentences. I actually developed allergies to
    descriptive language and fully formed sentences. Thanks to blogging I finally
    have found out that most people write about the same boring shit. So I try to
    cut up language into pieces. Hack it. Vomit some verbs. It’s incredibly
    refreshing to find people struggling with birthing new conversations. Not
    repeating the same old shit but really strugging in saying new sentences
    inaccessible to them before. Reading blogs is the new blogging for me. I want to
    read stuff that wakes me up. I want to blog stuff that wakes you up; best yet if
    it just makes you cry for the lost days of life you will never get back because
    you sold your life for daily comfort of ordinary vomit of language running in
    your vains. Shit like that you know.

    A bit about the mood; I blog when I fight my own desperation. When I deal
    with my own cynicism and resignation about life, then I blog, but also when I
    love life I blog, a paradox. But hen I am full of opinions I don’t fucking
    blog.  It’s dangerous to blog when I am full of opinions. Only shitty stuff
    comes out of that. I get fucking cliche attack a ‘look at me how fucking
    original I am just like every body else". It also extends to when read something
    really really great and I really really want to comment on it and I don’t
    because I am afraid I will fuck it up by posting a stupid comment. Actually most
    of the time commenting is too much fucking work to tell you the truth. And I
    blog usually when I am pissed off about being asleep to life, those are those
    rare moments when I know I am just passing through on this planet and fucking up
    my life by being reasonable and nice and pleasant and ‘have a nice day’ and
    ‘would you like fries with that". It happens rarely you know.

    Thanks for asking.

    Head Janitor of Kombinat!
    J. Maybe Elvis
    Bada Bing to you too!

    The Internets abound with artists.  Madame Levy and Kombinat! are two that I like best.  But Kombinat! seems to be fading, fading into a Tinkerbell-like transparency.  Perhaps if we did the Peter Pan "do you believe in fairies" number… not a gay type thing, not some kind of sexist or gender based slur, not that at all… I’m talking about Peter Pan here and Tinkerbell, the part where she’s dying and only a professed faith in fairies will possibly bring her back, and you don’t want to get eaten by a fucking alligator do you?  Well DO YOU???

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    Kombinat! 12.17.05 at 3:12

    Very kind of you Frank. Thanks for asking.
    My home on the web is now at
    I know I’ve been moving around a lot but I hope for the next few months I will be there. Although in March 2024 I plan on moving to a new domain. Kombinat is an ephemeral creature.

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