Shilling for uggs

I received an email from some Brit suggesting that if I’d plug his ugg style “Whooga” boots, he would perhaps give me an extremely modest sum for the favor. Works for me because I’m a big fan of ugg style boots anyway. No conflict of interest! I especially like them on women with long legs, although I understand they’re unisex and I would dearly love to get my feet into my own pair of tall chestnut Whoogas (size 29 cm if you’re reading this Mr. Whooga man). So I sent him a message back, showing him how to deposit to my PayPal account and gushing a little about how much I like ugg style boots, no matter who makes them. And, oh wow! Deja vu! It was just a year ago that I had responded to the same kind of marketing proposal from the same company! Here’s what I had to say then about Snuggly not too uggly ugg ’stryne boots.

The guy didn’t write back, so I’m posting this purely on spec…. And I do love natural leather, natural fleece-lined suede boots. I like them to look at and I love them to wear. I think it’s the lanolin. If you don’t wear sox in your fleece-lined boots your feet will always feel fine, just like after a good mani-pedi.

Here’s the deal, Mr. Whooga Man. I’ll be happy to make a few bucks with this post, but if you want the real thing, then ship me a pair of the 29cm tall chestnut Whoogas, I’ll do a YouTube video as part of your September promotion, you can have this post gratis, and hang on to your cash! I’ll probably hit a different demographic for you too, the older men with expanding waist-line demographic. Later in the fall I could offer some insight into how they hold up around the barnyard.

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