Single payer without compromise

The time has come for the Democratic majority to act in unison to implement universal single-payer medical care in the US. The US corporatocracy, the profit taking machine that dominates every facet of our lives, must stand aside. No sly winks and nudges. No fear mongering. No lobbying, vote buying, or bullying.

Here is how it works in Canada. My thanks to Jon Husband for the link.

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2 comments on “Single payer without compromise
  1. Beth says:

    You can say that again! Thanks for the great video.

  2. Judi says:

    Since Congress seems unwilling or unable to represent their constituents in this matter, perhaps it is time to reframe the debate (as George Lakoff also suggests). I’m calling for an American Health Care Plan. Now is the time to mobilize the citizenry for change.



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