Red Dog/Blue Dog

One of two five month old puppies will come home with us today from Slinger. One has red merle markings, the other blue. I think they’re vaguely related to Molly Bloom. This afternoon we’ll drive over there and meet the pups, and depending on some subjective criteria, like who jumps up and licks my face, we’ll adopt one. Here’s a picture of one of the pups…

red dog

Here she is again (that might be her blue sister in the background)…

red dog blue dog

And here they are four months ago…
red girl

blue girl

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17 comments on “Red Dog/Blue Dog
  1. Got one dog and one cat… might consider taking them both, but they aren’t free. OTOH, maybe I can work something out with the breeder and with Beth.

    Nah, I can handle two indoor dogs, but three? Well, what with heating costs this winter, the old “Three Dog Night” thing might be a convincer.

    I’ll let you know.

  2. Shelley says:

    Is it too late to suggest the Humane Society?

    They’re both cute, but in this election year, don’t you think you should pick the blue?

  3. This year? Blue, of course.

  4. This dog race is too cute to call. Personally I favor the Blue but bein’ as how I’s here in Kin-tuck it’d have to be a Yeller Dawg.

  5. tom says:

    The imagery is definitely loaded to favor the red – sure you don’t want a Fox?

  6. Answer 1)Take the one that sniffs your feet and seems happiest while doing so. That’s the one making the initial connection with Molly Bloom. Or, better yet, work it out with all sides involved and take ’em both.

    Answer 2) Please ask Gov. Palin which one she’d take. Be sure to apply lipstick on both pooches before posing the question. Whichever dog she picks, take the other.

    Answer 3)Energy, reform, beating our enemies, and experience. These are what make these dogs qualified. They’ve done more than Barack Obama and I note this on this September 11th.

    Answer 4) If you had a single patriotic bone in that traitorous Liberal body, you’d wake up and get a Husky to show that you really are an American. A God Fearing one at that. And that is the God of all decent Americans. What’s your beef with Jesusland, anyway, you commie pinko islamic-friendly insurgent?

    Answer 5) In this day of fairness it is incumbent upon you to get another cat to balance the ticket.

  7. I’ve never seen a blue dog. I’ve never seen a purple cow, either. But if I saw a blue dog, I would definitely want to own it. Not so with the purple cow, though.

    Go Blue!

  8. JH says:

    Both beautiful .. bring ’em both home. Dogs do nothing but add value to human life, so two is better than one.

  9. I like both, but if you have to choose only one: hedge. The blue dog has some red in him. Go blue.

  10. AKMA says:

    Ralph Nader?

    No, I vote for the second of the two; looks smaller, and that’s a leading criterion for me.

  11. Mike Golby says:

    I’d go red in this instance, Frank (in the American way, of course). That’s one beautiful dawg. No lipstick needed.

  12. Doug Alder says:

    Red Dog! but then that might suggest you favour the GOP so maybe it should be the Blue dog – ah hell go with whichever one licks your face first 🙂

  13. Hrm. I left a comment right after Dean, but maybe it got lost in all of the others coming in at the same time.

    I’ve never actually seen a blue dog. Of course, I’ve never seen a purple cow, either. But I would want a blue dog. I wouldn’t want a purple cow.

    Go Blue!

  14. tamarika says:

    Truthfully? I really love the blue one best! But then … I’m not choosing, am I?

  15. madame l says:

    pick me up one of those t-shirts? i predict the blue one. heh.



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