Milwaukee Sushi

Go first to the supermarket and buy the following ingredients:

The cucumber you should peel. Then slice it. Spread a thin coat of mayo on one slice of bread, then on another the liver sausage you should smear. Thick. Add a layer of horseradish to taste. Like wasabi? Use a lot of horseradish. Put on next the cucumber slices, and then close the sandwich with the bread with the mayo on it. Put the mayo side in.

Serve on a plate, sliced on the diagonal with shaved pickled ginger.

Catherine Clark’s wheat bread is as chewy and delicious as the finest sticky sushi rice, and the liver sausage is just as tasty as raw yellow-tail. The vinegar in the horseradish and the cucumber give every bite of this gourmet treat an echo of your favorite urumaki.

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  1. madame l. says:

    tree shapiro enjoys very same similar (vegan version VV) for schlitz o’ clock tea, mostweekdays.

  2. flying sea-weed dream?



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