If she were your daughter…

… you would think this was an amazingly cute and clever bit.

Applause, AC, clap-clap-clap-clap-clap!

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9 comments on “If she were your daughter…
  1. Ken Camp says:

    Actually, if she were my daughter I’d make her pay back all the money I spent on college tuition with interest.

  2. Doug Alder says:

    I’m with you on that Ken – looks like they are having fun but other than that is there a point? That’s an extremely lame site too.

  3. if she were your daughter she could afford to pay you back with income from the first few months at Disney.

    She’s young… if this were 1968 she’d be a Eugene McCarthy supporter. that’s not such a bad thing. Or was that 1972? Anyway… she’s young and she’s a hard worker.

  4. madame l. says:

    if she were my daughter she would be the dumb one who watched too many mickey rooney movies with scary enthusiasm and tap danced to the fridge to check out the fat content of the vanilla yoghurt.

    cue creepy disney puppets singing it’s a small world frank, it could be said that your judgement is skewed on this issue.

    let’s put on a show!

    can you not see her eddie haskell soul?

  5. yes. Well, I may be too intrigued with the Beaver to attend to her emergent Eddie. As a critic, I have my failings.

  6. jr says:

    I’m impressed with her ability to remember dance moves from day to day.

  7. jm says:

    Actually,if she were my daughter, I’d say the college tuition was well worth it, folks.

    Yeah, the AAA journey was fun, but the interviews involved a wide range of people from a presidential candidate to a movie star/enviornmentalist, with a VC superstar thrown in. Amanda is thoughtful, articulate and fun to watch, with not an Eddie Haskell in sight. Sorry Doug and Ken, you either didn’t watch or are too (cough) dumb to see.

  8. Have you considered Ms. Congdon as a Text? In my book, Striding Where de Tocqueville Stumbled, I look at the “vlogging” phenomenon from the perspective of a modern day haruspex. Needless to say, that is not the best perspective for considering the Non-Textual aspects of an actual human being.

    But in response to what you actually posted, Frank, yes I would feel some paternal affection.



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