Young Tormented Genius Movies

Did you like “Good Will Hunting?” Then you may like “Proof” with Gwynneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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  1. McD says:

    I did like “Proof” a lot.. I think it was a play converted to film. Google check:

    Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by David Auburn

    Good stuff Maynard. Gwynneth does nerd well.

    My daughter picked out a great movie, for my tastes:

    “The Matador” starring Pierce Brosnan.

    I frowned and she said: “This movie will convince you that Pierce Brosnan can act.”

    I said… I’ll take that bet.

    She won. It’s a dark comedy. Greg Kinnear is good too and Hope Davis as “Bean”. Watch it expecting it to make you laugh and shock at a few points.

  2. Doug Alder says:

    I watched Proof last night and it was very good. Gwynneth is a massive talent and I’ll watch anything with Anthony Hopkins in it 🙂



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