Catherine E. Vincent, BA

Catherine graduated today from Rutgers’ Douglass College. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Catherine had a major somehow more elaborate than just biology and mathematics, but damned if I can recall what it was. Catherine’s senior year was marred by the fear that hers would be the last Douglass class, that the Corzine budget that slashed $170 million from New Jersey higher education would mandate structural changes at Rutgers that would end the college.  A struggle ensued and those who would save Douglass College have won for now.

We sat in the sun from about 9:45 to noon today as speakers shared their experiences and hope for the future.  The hundreds of graduates were called to the platform in alphabetical order.  Ms. Vincent is surname impaired in this type of ordering.  When her name was called though, her family and friends hooted and cheered as loudly and as long as any of the other groups gathered to honor and embarass their graduate.  I took a few great pictures and a lot that will be discarded.  Foolishly I neglected to pack the interface that allows me to upload pictures from the camera to the PC.

Therefore, more later!

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