A Blalk in the Blark…

We bloggers like to create neologisms. We like the neologism that reshapes an older term in our new and hypercreative anguage-blay. We call these BLOGOLOGISMs, not neologisms, which is the old word for the new word we made up to cover this concept. I offer this prefatory comment as an explanation for the title of this post. In the lifeworld we have parks, and people often go walking there. Here in the – yes – BLOGOVERSE we have BLARKs, virtual spaces through which we virtually BLOGambulate. You see how it’s done, feel free now to go forth and coin a dozen or so of your own BLOGGING BLOGOLOGISMs.

end prefatory matter//begin Blalk in Blark postular introduction

A question I often ask friends, neighbors, and relatives is “Did you follow the links?” This is a follow-up question to “Did you read my blog this morning?” I think I can safely say that about one person in a thousand answers affirmatively to “didja read it” and one reader in a bazillion follows the links. Since I have not yet served one bazillion BLOG burgers it’s anybody’s guess if anyone has ever followed any of the links that I offer like sesame seeds on the BLOG burger bun. Yet I persist in adding them, for my own amusement I suppose. This promises to be one of those posts with a lot of links, so if you are BETH or one of those other readers who just has no time for clicking through to the actual subject of my BLOGambulation, well… you might as well fire up Grand Theft Auto now, because there isn’t a lot here for you.

end hectoring postular introduction//begin body of Blalk in Blark

here, on myslnia, is an entire parallel life, existing at least since the times of the first neural structures on Earth. New science – psychomemetics – is born. Its goal is, of course, exploration of myslnia. Are there psychomemetic plants, animals, intelligent beings (“neuromonads” )? (I stole word “monad” from Leibniz, but I use it differently, to describe “the cells” of psychomemetic organisms)

cease channeling bizarro Polish sci-fi writer//begin body of Blalk in Blark

I was gratified this morning by a comment from J. Alva Scruggs (not his real name). As often happens when someone leaves a comment I followed the link Scruggs left then surfed on through to other side. My Scruggs surfage led me to The Fifth Column. [Note to self… you really must enable permalinks on your own comments… end note to self]. Commenters at The Fifth Column are a merry band with charming names like Brian888, winna, xoid, and Magic Pink. These are not their real names, I think, but I like their direct style and communitarian good fellowship (or, as we say in the [air-quotes] BLOGOVERSE, their good [airquotes] BLellowship). I like it so much that I followed links on The Fifth Column’s blogroll hoping to see more of these peeps in other contexts. That blogroll is short and contains a couple of familiar names… Jon Husband and the Happy Tutor (one name real, one not). But it was by following the links to the less familiar places that I found the Loveologist (a second order link) and Twisty Faster. I also found a couple of great cat pictures, some cute, one sneaky.

end body of Blalk in Blark//begin Blalk in Blark snarky conclusion

At this point if you are reading this I must assume one of two things about you. Either you are a highly accomplished web surfer with excellent command of the browser’s back-button, or – and this, sadly, is more likely – you did not follow the links in this post at all. How boring for you.

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7 comments on “A Blalk in the Blark…
  1. beauty says:

    But where I wonder do you stand in regard to operativity and performativity in your neologistic expressionism?

  2. J. Alva Scruggs (not his real name)

    I don’t like to whine about this, Frank, but that is my real name. I had it changed to that legally for sound reasons. My parents started me off in the world with the evil moniker, “Demosthenes Alexandrovich Huppstein-Lifschultz”. In consequence, by the time I was eleven I knew how to make shanks from the rulers we were issued as part of our school kit. A kindly fellow, much like you Frank, took pity on me, He suggested that it would make sense to change my name and be able thereby to stop stabbing my classmates. There were sighs of relief all around when I made it de facto at thirteen and a three day party when I made it de jure at eighteen.

  3. The Demosthenes moniker is a mouthful. I get why you changed it.

  4. Elayne Riggs says:

    Only some bloggers love to create neologisms. Others like to rage against the dying of the light of communication. 🙂

  5. Tamar says:

    Oh well, I hope I don’t sound too much like a groupie or anything … but, well … I always follow your links! Why, I must be a “highly accomplished web surfer with excellent command of the browser’s back-button” after all.

  6. Jon Husband says:

    Ever notice yourself practicing what I once called “linky thinking” ?

    You’re talking to someone about something of interest or passion to you and / or her or him, and she or he is talking with you, too .. and you keep thinking of things you’ve read here or there via a link .. that would add much to a given point or another in the conversation. You want to mention it / show it, but damn, that browser’s not on your sleeve (yet).

    It happens to me all the time …

  7. joared says:

    As for your being a neologist, why not? Somebody needs to keep the language dynamic. Part of the fun and challenge of newly interacting with any group is learning the language, including “blogger language.”

    I like the term “linky thinking,” too.

    Can’t honestly say I always follow ALL the links on this, or any other blog, but click on some. Have been known to return at a later time, or even bookmark one for later reading, but a greater risk I might not get back to it.



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