Margaret Lalor RIP

Margaret died today.  I think she was 95.  She was born and lived all her life on the farm down the road from us, Lalor Road, named after her grandfather William A. Lalor, an Irish immigrant who had a land grant signed by President Polk in the 1840’s.  Margaret was a spinster school teacher.  She was instrumental in getting our town’s land use plan adopted in the early 70’s.  She contributed to local candidates who she felt would do good work.  She was a poll worker, and every election day she was there greeting us and handing us our ballots.  She left her farm several months ago for nursing care and she died in hospice today.  Margaret Lalor of Lalor Road in the Town of Dunn, Dane County Wisconsin.  Many many people will miss her.

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  1. George McDonald says:

    Hello, friend- Read your article regarding Margaret Lalor.
    Are you awayre that her great-grandfather Patrick (Honest Pat) Lalor was a noted campaigner in the early 19th Century against the payment of Tithes (mone required to be paid by Catholics to support the Church of England)? He was also a notable member of the Repeal Movement of Daniel O’Connell, which aimed to repeal the Union between Great Britain and Ireland and establish a separate Irish Parliament which would still be in allegiance with Great Britain. Her grandfather’s brother, James Fintan Lalor, was a more radical thinker, and sought to break the connection between Great Britain and Ireland entirely and return the land of Ireland to the Irish People, and disposses the Landlord Class. He was arrested for High Treason, and died from the effects of his imprisonment and his previous general ill health in 1849. He is one of the most respected Political and Social thinkers and writers in the history of Ireland. Sounds like Margaret was a true descendant. As an historian I am very interested in the Lalor and Fox families of Dane County, and would like to learn if Margaret has any relatives yet alive who may be able to help me in my research of these families. I remain, sincerely yours, George T. McDonald, Madison, WI e mail



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