iPod schmiPod?

It pays to listen to the market.  I grabbed a cool Samsung YH-925 back in March because it had as much storage (20GB) as an iPod and it was way less expensive.  It was also a pain in the patoot, which might explain why I’m the only one who owns one.  It wasn’t an easy unit.  It was so difficult that when the iPod I bought to replace it (30GB) arrived I pulled a major avoidance ‘tude, stashed the iPod on a shelf and didn’t get it out until this weekend.

Well, here it is… Jerry Garcia Band playing in my li’l earbuds, simple user interface on the laptop and the device.  Now I have to figure out how to get the big vinyl disks to fit in the coffee cup holder thingie.

I guess I’m a convert, much as it pained me to buy anything Apple.

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4 comments on “iPod schmiPod?
  1. Lois Quick says:

    Ha! I did the last thing last May, bought a smaller (512K) Samsung, thinking it would be enough to get me through a flight, horribly horribly horribly user unfriendly, and not enough memory, of course. Then got an iPod mini. What a design difference! Course I expected that, having used Apples many years ago and switched to PC – but I had forgotten how intuitive they make the product. I love my iPod.

  2. Lois Quick says:

    No no no – I did the SAME thing. AAARGH!

  3. Joe Henry says:

    Just take one bit of the apple, and everything will change…

  4. J. Heimlich says:

    You see? Finally you Godless Heathens can see the Hand of Intelligent Design. Praise Ju-He-ZUSSSS !! The Apple will let you think !! Take a bite from the hand of Jobs, and your mind will flower like a blooming onion.



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