Intelligent Design Creepozoids Lash Back

Following up on Dennett’s op-ed piece, Show Me the Science, that laid bare the absurdity of the crypto-christian Intelligent Design front, the left-behind crowd lashes back with … guess… that’s right, a REFUTATION!!!  They are really going to PROVE HIM WRONG in this one by god!  The 50% eponymous J. Witt struggles along with all the science pieces: eyeballs are cool, not maladapted at all; computer modeling sux; speciation has never been witnessed as a function of natural selection; and perhaps most importantly, even christians know the earth is not flat and they have known this for a long time.

These people are in their element when the debate is joined.  They are the trolls and we should not feed them.  If this be ad hominem, then make the most of it!

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