New hat, old dog, and the pick-up truck…



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  1. memer says:

    Ah, we boys never stray too far from the ol red wagon, eh? That’s a great shot, Frank. On first blink, I’d feel comfortable enough to walk over and shake your hand and not fear being bowled over by assholishness or theory. Mebbe it’s the plaid.

    p.s. what’s the bumper sticker say, bub?

  2. fp says:

    Bumper sticker says “No more victims” – it’s an AFSC thing. I gotta tell you, this is my first “cowboy hat” since I was a little kid and I really like it!

  3. It is the first, tasteful cowboy hat I have seen for a while. There has been that passion for gigantic hats on pin heads so prevelant in so-called country music. Yours has a coolness/tropicalness of material that almost implies “picked up in Honduras”. Where it in health.

    If I cut my hair short, it is now thin enough on top that I start wondering why the top of my head feels like it is burning. A hat in my future, I will take my tip from you.

    Molly, what a good name for a good dog (or is my memory playing tricks)?

  4. memer says:

    Yeah, the hat “works” for him. Mebbe it’s the beard. Say, do you have one of those lithium battery digicams or ‘AA’ things? I need ‘AA’s and the camera sucks juice like nobodies’ business. I assume it’s the flash. I think I have to buy a recharger. Either that or take pics only in bright sunlight.

  5. fp says:

    Peter… that’s Diggy (aka Brandy) the Labrador retriever in the picture. She’s 14 or so, came to us “free to good home” because she doesn’t hunt. her former owner has a lot to answer for based on the psychological problems we’ve worked through with the Digster. Molly is our year old Aussie and she’s a pistol. She was undoubtedly running around somewhere nearby when the picture was taken.

    Memer… it’s a rechargeable lithium battery for sure. Based on how often I recharge it, I suspect it would chew up AA batteries real fast.

  6. bmo says:

    Great lid. Can I get one in tin foil?

    I would have loved to have seen you in that gear, strolling along the Montparnasse, at a Les Blogs dinner, cuddling up with some of the blogging babes.

    Never mind the pyjamas, a million guys in plaid deer skinning smocks and cowboy hats – that’s my take. You can just smell the eviscerations. Hoowhee.

    Mr. Rural Broadband ’05.

    What is it about this picture that says I do not own a Mac.

    Great photo, Frank. That really is.

  7. fp says:

    Way-ull, glad yew lak it, pahd-nuh…

    “J’aime flaner sur les grands boulevards,” as Yves Montand would have it.

  8. bmo says:

    “I love cooking on the big streets?”

    Yes. I agree. BBQ, in your case.

    When in Paris visit Colonel Frank’s Big House of Ribs.

  9. fp says:

    BBQ on the Boulevard… as long as there doesn’t have to be a squeeze box squawking out “La Vie en Rose” I think I could get behind that.

    Oh, that’s “flaner – to stroll” not “flambee – to whup up some chicken and bisquits”

  10. Tom Shugart says:

    MiGod–what’s next? A gun rack and a Bush-Cheney sticker?
    Seriously, though, you look bitchin.’ If you were a drinking man, I’d get us a couple of six-packs and roam the range with ya.

    And P.S.–thanks for the pointer to the perrigrine falcon site. Geez, I’m so out of it I don’t even know what’s going on in my back yard. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog–particularly the Pope Ratzo stuff. Where else but the blogosphere can you be treated with such delicious blasphemy?

    I’ve been overly busy. I’ll be posting again quite soon.

  11. fp says:

    I think a gun rack would be cool. And a cooler full of soda pop in the back does me just fine. There’s room for the high livers’ beer in there too.

    Regarding the Bush Cheney sticker… my god, man!! Do you think I have no shame?

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  13. fp says:


    A close look would show you that I have a ladder rack on my truck and that your excellent product, while made of the finest Thai fiberglass, and meeting all international standards for enclosures, including I am sure complete safety in rollover accidents and sun black windows for those quick runs across the border, even with all these fine features and international standards adherence, and coming as they do from a country that has long been friends with the US of A and that provided the setting for one of our most charming musical comedies… yes, all these things considered, I still wonder how you fit a fiber glass top around, under or through my ladder rack.


  14. fp says:

    You herbalist.



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