More Post-modernisticism

Thanks to Woods Lot this morning for the link to Carl Rashke, wherein (with my own emphasis added)…

In both the public and half-informed scholastic mind postmodernism has
come to denote a spirit of radical pluralism and the propagation of
differences. Indeed, the refusal of identity and the celebration of
difference qua difference has become the conjectured trait of what Jean
Francois Lyotard once named "the postmodern condition." The
philosophical movement associated with postmodernism, of course, is far
more nuanced and paradoxical than this caricature suggests. The almost
pathological differentialism of the contemporary religious and
theological enterprise has far more to do with the evolution of an
ideology suitable to the bureaucratization and hyperspecialism of the
late industrial megauniversity
than it has with any internal dynamics
of religious thought itself, or with the topography of an emerging
global civilization.

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