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I lifted the folllowing from a comment I just left at Allied. Here I get a moment to correct most of the typos and add some links.  Lynx.


God what great company.  I may be suffering seasonal affective disorder or I may just be sad, but it’s been hard not to just be a grouch lately.

I remember when Fang fairly leapt from my keyboard and then I had to worry about the ethics of populating the doggosphere with fictional mutts.  These last few days, Molly – not a fictional mutt – has consumed our attention here with barfing and diarrhea (I told her to get a Live Journal account for the latter but that was before I had seen Shelley’s Baby Shark warning). 

Anyway Molly got spayed.  Call me a liberal, but I just don’t want the responsibility of puppies.  Next thing you know she’s up all night barfing every hour, unable to keep even water down, licking a few drops off my fingers but dehydrating none-the-less.  Suddenly a miracle occurs and she’s eating and drinking.  Now the barfing turns into a case of the runs and we’re up all night with her taking her out every hour when she whimpers.  Then we finally have a big snow storm, and it’s clear that poopie dog has to stay inside.  We can’t consign her to the kennel in weather like this.  Now we’re working short days and hoping to keep the poop off the floor, as she regains some strength in the intestinal department.  Meanwhile,  it’s been two days now and we can see why the vet said to keep her on a leash for 10 days because she’s ready to go Molly zooming this way and that whenever we go out – which we learned by accidentally dropping the leash and seeing her turn into a lightning bolt.  But lightning bolts frequently don’t heal their little abdominal incisions properly so on a leash she stays.  Indoors she hassles us to let her out.  Outdoors she pulls on the leash like a pair of yoked oxen.  We could plow fields behind this dog.  Shoulders on her as wide as an NFL line person.  Get it?  Line person.  As if women wanted to work in the front line for the Green Bay Packers or something.

What a dog.  What a blog.  I think I just wrote a whole post instead of a comment!  Well, that’s what the copy and paste thinger is for.  Now it’s a comment.  Soon it will be a post at my place.

Thanks for the inspiration Jeneane.

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