missing meeja blues…

Next Blogger confab I attend I hope there are more writers present. Like this guy

“…La Taverne de Ripaille at the Park Hotel in Grenoble, France. Must have been from 1994. Spring. I was having dinner alone that evening. The place was empty when two young, well dressed French men came in with a tall American who looked familiar, somehow. He was an older guy. Sixties or seventies. A politician. Democrat. Stuart Symington? Pretty sure Symington was dead. Somewhow the guy reminded me of Pat Brown, but I could visualize Brown, and this guy was too tall and skinny. Even a bit lanky, like Lyndon Johnson.”

…and this guy

“If you only read one book on post traumatic stress this year, let this be the one. Judith Herman’s description (and advocacy) of “complex PTSD” is an important contribution to the literature, as there are many conditions not covered under the DSM-IV’s criteria for PTSD. These include especially psychological and emotional abuse. Herman looks at a range of traumatic experiences from Vietnam combat to spousal battery to child neglect.”

…and of course women with beautiful voices like this one

I didn’t know anyone but the host, whom I’d met once. I knew several names on the ostentatiously accidentally open To: line of the email invitation, but would recognize only their words. Still, a woman alone can cuddle a drink until someone says hello. I reminded myself to hold the champagne flute in the paw not smeared with chain grease. This was SoHo, not Brooklyn, I thought, so I should make an effort. The room was a mixture of meeja and web types; friendly enough.

Various nice men stopped to chat. I kept a straight face as they ‘fessed up to founding or abetting the silly companies of five years ago. (Their between-year stories were fuzzier.) I said what I did in fifteen words or fewer, though I have no talent for elevator-pitching my life. A slick and toothy fellow—New York raised—told me he’d tried to resist the temptation to start another company, but couldn’t.
“The entrepreneur is a serial monogamist,” I said, as the bubbles came up my nose. His eyes widened at this profundity. Then he excused himself to go to another party.

BloggerCon was less than it might have been, more than it was. I’m depressed and lonely and sick. I blog to write and not much vice versa. I think there is no such thing as blogging. Blogging as a label trivializes a larger set of creative acts, diminishes them in the naming. Writers write, and in the media available today, a writer’s published efforts are polydimensional, interactive.

Joi Ito bought a rototiller, a sensible machine with rear tines. I live vicariously through his moblogged picture, eating limp lettuce on warm room service cheeseburgers while he prepares his vegetable garden.

BloggerCon 2 would have been better if I’d stayed home and walked behind the Troybilt. And I mean no offense to the fine people I shared time with here, but I am an insular person, talking, mingling, chatting, it’s all a real effort for me, even with those I love. And there’s not even anything on TV.

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3 comments on “missing meeja blues…
  1. Elayne Riggs says:

    Alas, I wasn’t invited to this one (I was invited to the first provided I pay Dave Winer $500, which I felt wasn’t quite kosher) but maybe I can get to the next one if someone invites me… by then I should have a car…

  2. Frank, you make me wish I could have gone just to catch up with you and give you the hug I never gave you last year. And, Elayne, maybe if you go next time that will double the worth of my making the effort to get there. (And you don’t need an invitation; you simply sign up.) Yes, Frank. More writers. That’s what I asked for too. I’m feeling the same way as you about blogging these days. I know a lot has to do with other stuff in my life bringing me down and drawing my energies. I don’t want to opt out of the blog after all this time, but it often seems these days that I’d also do better puttering in my garden.

  3. susan mernit says:

    Frank–I wish I could have seen you there–that was one of the things I was looking forward to, but family stuff kept me on the West Coast. You are a good blogger–stay true to your vision.



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