Tuba Tuesday

I bought a mail order tuba toward the end of 2013. That’s me holding it in the picture above. When I uncrated it, I hadn’t touched a tuba in fifty years. Tubas come in different pitches and sizes. Mine is one of the larger ones, a silver plated, four valve, Marzan CC, built by Boehm & Meinl in 1972. It came with two bells, an upright as shown in the picture, and a recording studio forward facing bell that I haven’t used yet. It’s not huge but it has a big bore (and it might be said it’s played by a big bore, but enough self effacement…) The tuba weighs 23 pounds and is 36 inches tall. The original owner played it for many years in the Syracuse symphony. I’ve had it for 21 months and feel like I’ve progressed from beginner to intermediate. I try to play every day. I take lessons from a young man who is a solid professional caliber musician. He says he’s noticed some improvement.

Here’s a pro playing an instrument not unlike mine…

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