Mellow Monday

It’s officially “mellow Monday” because who needs to jump right into the cognitive dissonance after a nice weekend? This Monday is so mellow that it’s already Monday afternoon and I haven’t started to write the post yet. So here we go, mellow Monday, all random and no rants.

Mark Everson, former IRS Commisssioner under Boy-George Bush and now a Presidential candidate filed a complaint today with the Federal Election Commission over not being included in the Fox/Facebook inaugural GOP debate Thursday (Aug. 6). The Washington Times calls Everson a “minor” GOP candidate, which pretty much eliminates him. I’m sure you have to be at least 35 years old to run for prezzie. Incidentally, the Facebook part of the Fox/Facebook debates is about questions that Facebook users will submit during the debates. The questions will be screened and presented to the debaters by Fox moderators Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly or Chris Wallace. I’ll bet twitter wishes they had been able to negotiate that deal. Of the 18 candidates recognized by the GOP national committee, Everson arguably has the lowest name recognition. Should that eliminate him from the debates? Why, that would be as absurd as allowing Donald Trump a place at the podium just because he has great name recog… ummm.

In other news, eight or ten years ago the FBI issued a report on white supremacist (KKK) infiltration of American police departments. The report was pretty much ignored, even by the FBI. Since the #BlackLivesMatter movement started sharing news about the steady stream of police murders and lynchings, some people have taken a second look at the report. The report itself is heavily redacted. Perhaps journalists will uncover the parts that have been left out and report on them in the daily newspapers. Just kidding!

In other news, how about that LA Times firing of Ted Rall because the LAPD didn’t like him? Is it just another he said/she said? The LAPD doesn’t have a lot of time to get involved with newspapers and reporters and such. They’re too busy making sure that every officer on the street maintains the highest standards of conduct.

Staying mellow, though… it is, after all, still mellow Monday.

Let’s move on to some recent thoughts folks have shared about climate change, the carbon fuel industry, and alternatives. Margaret Atwood, a brilliant writer, has published a long essay in Medium titled, “It’s Not Climate Change, It’s Everything Change.” She observes,

Planet Earth — the Goldilocks planet we’ve taken for granted, neither too hot or too cold, neither too wet or too dry, with fertile soils that accumulated for millennia before we started to farm them –- that planet is altering. The shift towards the warmer end of the thermometer that was once predicted to happen much later, when the generations now alive had had lots of fun and made lots of money and gobbled up lots of resources and burned lots of fossil fuels and then died, are happening much sooner than anticipated back then. In fact, they’re happening now.

President Obama has a Clean Power Plan that will curb carbon pollution in a big way, and Van Jones is confident of our ability to implement it. Mr. Peabody’s coal company is planning to sue. That may be just about all we know today. But if you’re ready to invest in whatever is next, save your solar dollars, eschew the wind, if you want a return on your investment put your money into lithium-induced electrochemical tuning, single catalyst hydrogen production from splitting water molecules. Can’t go wrong. And hydrogen burns so clean! In fact when you burn it you get water instead of ashes, and not only can you drink water, or irrigate your almond orchard, you also can split it and get hydrogen and oxygen, which you can burn, and then you get water! This may be too exciting for mellow Monday.

Maybe we should quit while we’re ahead.

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