…too much WOW?

I just left this message at the blog of another TypePad customer. 

"They worked a lot of magic putting everything back together after the great Typepad meltdown.  Better if they would configure so there were no meltdowns.  I think they are playing too much WOW and not paying attention to the blog business."

Then I realized my intuition was probably bang-on so I thought I’d share the insight here.  I think they’re well configured for the blog biz at Six Apart.  I just don’t know how well they’re configured for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.

Whatever.  Hardware fault tolerance, like massive RAID arrays, requires somebody in an operations center to be monitoring so disks can be swapped when they fail.  A level or so up from that, the powerful database engines need maintenance and occasional tuning.

I’m thinking about how Bank of America would feel if all the ATM machines went down for a day or two.  Or all the terminals in all the branches….  I wonder if the guys in the back office would still be playing WOW the next day.  Looking for work, more likely.

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