Invitation to a Blogging

A year ago I assembled a lengthy
post that addressed the question, “Why do you blog?”   About three dozen
bloggers participated and the information was well received.  That post can
still be found at

There’s another question that I hope
people will be interested in answering.  I am sure that others will be
interested in reading the answers:

How do you blog?

There’s as much latitude possible in
the answer to the HOW question as there was in the WHY question, and rather than
lead you in one direction or another, from tool sets to formal pajama wear, I’ll
just leave it open-ended…

How do you blog?

I’ll appreciate emailed responses
and/or links to posts at your sites where you address the

While our culture is beset with twee re-interpretations of what constitutes good manners and whose ideas may belong to whom, the ground rules here are simple.  If you’ll send me an email, I’ll probably post it.  Unless you ask to be anonymous, I’ll attribute it to you.  I may edit it for length or content and you just have to trust me not to mess it up too bad.

Frank Paynter

fpaynter [at]

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29 comments on “Invitation to a Blogging
  1. madame l. says:

    was that a year ago?

  2. Troy Worman says:

    Great question! I’m interested in reading others answers.

    I use Blogger. It’s free. It’s easy. It works. I just type. Then I click on the ‘publish post’ button, and tada, the words magically appear at my website.

    I just type. Certainly, it must be apparent.

  3. fp says:

    madame l, it was indeed a year ago… where do the time go?

    troy, that ain’t typing, that’s writing.

  4. medmusings says:

    How I Blog

    How i blog in terms of hardware: hosting my own server at home with a Cobalt Cube and dynamic DNS. How i post is via movable type’s web interface, but how i get there differs in each location: mobile option 1: OQO 01+ with bluetooth to treo 650 verizo…

  5. how I blog

    How do you blog, asks Frank Paynter, a huggy bear of a blogger I met at Harvard’s first BloggerCon. Late at night, usually after midnight, when my almost ninety-year old mother is asleep and I’ve unwound by watching some mindless…

  6. Lisa Subeck says:

    I’ve got to admit that until I started reading the responses, I had no idea what the heck you meant by “how”. My thoughts included:
    “Not very well, but I’m learning.”
    “I type… doh!”
    “Usually in my pajamas.”
    And so forth…

    I’ve been curious about this, too, now that I know what you meant. For my blog, I use Blogger, and I’m not really all that familiar with other blogging options. Blogger is pretty simple, and you don’t have to know much HTML.

    I also blog on Dane 101, and I have no idea how I blog there. Actually, I know how I blog there, but I don’t know what it’s called. It uses a combination of HTML and something else (php maybe?). Usually, I spend as much time referencing the cheat sheets for the code as I do actually writing my blog entries.

  7. Invitation to a blogging

    Quote of the day:Everyone is just so different … with their comfort zones. Father-in-LawFrank Paynter asks about how do we blog at Sandhill Trek. Of course this is a difficult one. I mean, does he want to know if I

  8. savtadotty says:

    With focus. Blogger is an almost-transparent tool, so it lets me get whatever’s on my mind Out There almost directly. I blog as if I’m in a conversation where the replies arrive rather slowly, but some are really worth waiting for.

  9. At my writing desk, music writing desk that is. I often blog as a mental throat clearing from my other work.

    I blog on a 15″ laptop on the desk, although the large monitor of a G5 stares me in the face, it is reserved for audio and video applications (hah). On each side of the monitor are racks of digital reverb and delay devices, smpte time code (society of motion picture and television engineers) management devices, brightly shining their large eight digit pair displays (hours:minutes:seconds:frames) at me, awaiting a drop of code they haven’t seen in some years, code readers, reshapers regenerators, analyzers and distributors, video black synchronizers, video warning streamer generators and on and on (hours:minutes:seconds:frames). On each side of my legs are racks of analogue audio equalizers, compressors and gates, analogue, FM and digital sysnthesizors and samplers, flowing back, under the work space, the length of the room. First piece of gear to my left, a 3/4 inch video tape machine, jog/shuttle right at hand where for many years it would spin backward and forwards through long nights of work. It is now an anachronism. On top of the counter to my left, eighty-eight white and black switches, recognizable as a musical keyboard, gleams (it is dusted every week) as an enticement to be played, a lovely woman, now unnoticed by her old man. Everywhere, video monitors, now only used for watching strange Italian and French films from my youth. I sit in my aeron chair, at my work desk, and watch movies, and then blog. Not particularly comfortable, but ready to do work at any given moment. Ready to blog at any given moment (hours:minutes:seconds:frames).

    All of this, the treasured remnents of a thirty year career, now never practised. But I can’t quite clear it out, just in case. I have sold off all of the larger equipment, to youngsters who marvel at the old “classics” (“why I remember… ” I start creaking out, only to stop, I am so sick of hearing myself that way). When I get the urge to write music, I lie down until it goes away.

    Instead I write text about music (and image), in piles at my feet, books and journals for reference, and when that kind of writing is hard, I blog, on blogger, on the laptop. At any moment, the squirrels and birds that I feed, to my left out the windows overlooking the balcony, have something to say to me “hey! hey you” yeah.. you, stop that pecking at that grey metal thing, you can’t eat metal dummy, and bring us more and better peanuts corn and bird seed, NOW!”

    Squirrels are the worst critics, it is a good thing they haven’t gotten on the net yet.

  10. How Do You Blog?

    About a year ago, Frank Paynter asked, Why Do You Blog? Now Frank is asking, How do you blog? There’s as much latitude possible in the answer to the HOW question as there was in the WHY question, and rather

  11. OK Frank, since my answer to your question turned out to be somewhat longer, I’ve blogged rather than putting it in your comments here. The permalink URL is


  12. Jon Husband says:

    sometimes clothed, sometimes deshabille, once in a while in the buff.

    In a pretty rudimentary way, copying and pasting something that stimulates my thoughts and then starting to write:

    – long run-on sentences with lots of spelling mistakes, woth added clauses to try to cram all my thoughts in ..

    – supplemented by insufficient editing, as I begin to realize that many other people have said the same or similar (obvious to me) things, except that 99.4% of the the time they’ve said it better.

    – and coming to (generally) very general and dilettante-ish too -broad-to-be-meaningful conclusions, as I further realize that somewhere between 3 and 10 people may read what I have written.

    I console myself then, while gathering up the courage for another probably somewhat pretentious blog post, that somewhere in the body of expulsed half-thoughts that found themselves to the home page of my blog were some useful mutterings about the ways human minds interacting with other human minds (via text and images and hyperlinks) may be providing useful information and perspectives that would have remain caged in someone’s skull in previous times.

    Did I mention long, run-on sentences ?

    Mostly I just type on an old iBook G3, whilst reminding myself over and over again that I must take this more seriously, get more organized, write with more skill, and think better and harder.

  13. Winston says:

    Even though I sent it by email, I had nothing better to blog today so I went ahead and posted it at:
    Maybe the double entry will increase my chances at the big grand prize…

  14. fp says:

    We are offering the Web 2.0 brass ring as the top prize, redeemable as downloadable freeware wherever better toys are sold.

  15. I tried doing a trackback via Haloscan but it failed so here is a link to my posting on How I Blog:

  16. fp says:

    I have to get home to be able to play this Brian. But, yeah, digits is digits whether they turn up in audio, video, or plain old typio.

  17. gillian says:

    Oh goody. Time for me to come up with another memorable soundbite like “because I’m a passive-aggressive attention whore”. Maybe this time I’ll actually think about the topic before emailing you.

  18. Tamar says:

    Oh heck! I wouldn’t know what to do with such a prize …

  19. Brian says:

    “How do you blog?”

    I blog with panache, baby. I blog in slacks and shirt, I blog in jeans and boots, I blog in my pajamas. Well, I don’t actually have honest-to-God pajamas but I blog in my sweats and t-shirt.

    I don’t blog while dead drunk or otherwise out of my head. I do blog while imbibing the occasional beer or glass of wine. I do blog ‘tired’ and ‘exhausted’ and I probably should not but (as we used to say in mylong ago studly Marine Corps youth) there it is.

    I blog at work (all three of them) I blog at home I even (I blush to admit this but I’m on a roll and damned if I’ll stop now) I blog in the john.

    My name is Brian. I am a blogger.

  20. _william says:

    I use Blogger from a laptop on a rolltop desk in my home.
    I post with W.Bloggar, BlogThis! and Flickr.
    I usually put my feet up when I blog
    And i forget to use spell heck.
    I revise the template of my blog almost as often as i write in the blog.
    I also use TddlyWiki, hosted privately, to create little journals.

  21. How Do I Blog?

    Hear that faint hum like a mosquito? Hear it getting louder and louder until you can make out a distinct scream in your ear and that scream is saying MEME?

  22. How Do You Blog?

    Frank Paynter wants to know how people blog. He’s getting good answers, too….

  23. How Do You Blog?

    Frank Paynter wants to know how people blog. He’s getting good answers, too….

  24. Thinking in Spanish
    and writing in English,
    when pissed;
    thinking in Spanglish
    and writing in Spanish,
    when soft-hearted;
    noticing obvious things
    and capturing them in photographs,
    when in a visual mood…

    (no, I’m not pissed when commenting; well, most of the time, anyway…)


  25. fp says:

    Welcome to Sandhill, Luis!

  26. Ajil says:

    i blog at night when the rest of my family is sleeping. it’s nice and peaceful and i can actually think. i uasually just go on about my day, like anyone would with a diary, but sometimes i actually find things i want to talk about, even if noone says anything back, sometimes i just need to get things out of me. i kinda let things pour out of me until i am comfortably empty enough to finally unwind for the day, and just relax.

  27. J.Rivera says:

    When I go garbage sailing or antique shopping, I am always asked, “Is there something in particular you’re trying to find?” My pat answer is, “When I see it, I’ll know.”

    That’s how I blog. When I see or hear it, I know what will be my next subject.



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