I Gada.be me…

Gadalogo1 Chris Pirillo today launched his tag-o-matic meta-search application, "gada." I Gada get me some of that. It doesn’t exactly do everything the way I would expect it to… for example when I select ALL, I would expect some kind of super set of info, but what I get back is a null set.  Oh well, it’ll be fun to doink around with.  Thanks Chris!

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4 comments on “I Gada.be me…
  1. fp says:

    Still some trouble with ALL I’m afraid… but it generally works pretty good!

  2. It’s bound to be better *NOW*. 🙂 Add’l servers coming this weekend, too…

  3. fp says:

    It is better! It starts out on “default,” which makes sense… the offending “all” has been removed. And Yahoo! search still sux. Bit that’s not Gada’s fault!



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