LA Times Ethics Code

When you write for the LA Times, it seems, you write for the LA Times – even when you’re blogging.  I don’t know if I’d like to sacrifice my night voice to keep my day job.  Here’s their ethics code…  check out the part about blogging.

Download LATethicscode.txt (24.1K)

The emergence of blogs has created potential quandaries for staff members who want to express themselves through that medium. No matter how careful Times bloggers might be to distinguish their personal work from their professional affiliation with the paper, outsiders are likely to see them as intertwined. As a result, any staff member who seeks to create a personal blog must clear it with a supervisor; approval will be granted only if the proposed blog meets the paper’s journalistic standards. When approval is granted, staff members should take care not to write anything in their blogs that would not be acceptable in the newspaper. Staff members should observe the same principle when contributing to blogs other than their own.

Not that profanity is the measure here, but fuck that noise.

Thanks to LA Observed.

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One comment on “LA Times Ethics Code
  1. Winston says:

    Second the motion…and screw that shit! Guess they think they’re Big Bro and this is 1984. Not that there aren’t about a gazillion ways around them and their Machiavellian manifesto…



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