Caveat Lector

DorotheaFinally, a meet-up with Dorothea.  Madison soon will lose a foundation stone from our blogging edifice.  Dorothea and David Salo are heading for Virginia where she’ll be working for George Mason University and he’ll be finishing his dissertation.

Dorothea has been studying and working and studying in these parts for ten years or so.  Around March of 2002 she added blogging to the mix.  Goodness knows how long she’s  been a gamer as well, but one suspects it pre-dates the blogging. 

It was pleasant to have lunch with Dorothea today at Panera on University Avenue.  She is one of the brilliant ones, and warm.  So many who are brilliant seem somehow brittle.  Not Dorothea.  This was another one of those occasions when you meet a friend you’ve known for a long time even if you haven’t ever spent time with them before.  The whole cliched yet wonderful blogger meet-up thing.   We’ll miss you in Madison Dorothea, but it’s nice to know someone in the DC area.  Don’t worry though… I’m past that part of life when I might have shown up and asked if I could crash in your living room.

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2 comments on “Caveat Lector
  1. Well, it’ll have to be my living room for a year or so, as I’ve no guest room in the new apartment. But you’re welcome, if you don’t mind rough accommodations.

  2. fp says:

    Okay. Well I’ll phone you first. i won’t just show up on the doorstep.



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