Google Fight

Aesthetic polymath internets battle of the sexuals… (blame this on Madame L., she’s the one writing La Vache Qui Lit and opening up my awareness to everything that happened since 1976, when I went on the corporate nod)  and today she has the picture of Chris and Rageboy, one of them in a Moe haircut…


Rage Boy versus Lydia Lunch

White male domination! root-root-root-root-root.

Why?  You may well ask.  Surfing off of ATP and discovering my thorough-going disconnected and out-of-it-ness, familiar with so few names on the line-up, and one of those dispelt

Lalala… Lydia Lunch…

Psychomenstrum.  Well, you just have to Google that, nicht wahr?  And, on googling, one discovers like thirteen links… further clickage (or click-ahj, if you prefer) reveals that they all contain the same copy, though some in languages quite foreign, each to the other.  So here we have the MRBPPR (multiple referent by promotional press release) phenomenon… "Mister Beeper" would be how you pronounce that.

Lots of clicks from a single mix.  Low authenticity factor.

And here’s Lydia, terminally hip and overecs-tended, with a great new brand called "Psychomenstrum," but a sniff of the stinkfist here tells me we’re dealing with vaporware.  On the other hand, how many screen plays are there?  Lots.  And how many ever turn into films?  Less than that. But how many are flogged through the writer’s releases for her other work?  One.  So someday, somebody who can stomach it may have the opportunity to see "Psychomenstrum" in a small screening room during an obscure festival and probably find it remarkable.  Meaty.

And as to the juxtaposition of Rage Boy with Lydia… well, think of it as some combination of hormones and genius… who else would you match against the woman?  And a quick scan shows his clicks/mix ratio has a higher authenticity factor than hers.  Nyaaa.

Perhaps Arto  Lindsay should have the last word


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