Fishnet Stockings and the Habermassian Public Sphere

How long has it been since I opened up Wealth Bondage and immersed myself in the learned discourse there?  Too long.

And how long has it been since I’ve confronted the orange jump-suit with the guy in the Big Purple Hat?  I’ve been too long not there too, as I was reminded when I read this Mayosan interview with K!

And how would I have found that interview if I hadn’t been lingering over the number ten new voices pick at Brian Moffatt’s?  And when I read Mayosan’s comment about ten new voices in ten minutes and realized I still had three new voices to find I felt a moment’s insecurity, a bit of queasiness of the kind you might feel when you know somebody has nailed your inner greedball.  Or maybe you’ve never felt that moment of insecurity, being so well armed with self-esteem and all.

So here I am, muttering small talk at the wall.  Anybody seen the jewels and binoculars anywhere?

"…Habermas, defender of whatever can be rescued from the broken illusions of the Enlightenment."

Why does that sound like bullshit to me?

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