Norton, chromed – not burnt

Stu Savory posted a picture of an English Lady yesterday. Well worth ogling. This reminds me of the Atlas of my youth. Does anybody remember “Odd Bodkins,” the Dan O’Neill comic that starred the likes of Norton Motorcycle, Fred Bird, and Were-Chicken?

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3 comments on “Norton, chromed – not burnt
  1. Stu Savory says:

    Nice Atlas there, Frank. But have you got the corresponding coffee cup?



  2. meg says:

    Dude, you had an Atlas? Groovy.

  3. fp says:

    Actually, Kirk Eliot had the Atlas. But I was in love with it. Greg Snider had the Triumph 650. I was in love with that too. While there were miscellaneous BSAs and BMWs around I really didn’t care for them. I had an Indian. Mine was bigger than theirs. Even the Harley guys were jealous of my Indian. That scared me a little.



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