Band on the Run


Molly Bloom is in the house. She’s been part of our pack for 24 hours and she seems to have adapted well. Veneta T. Cat remains aloof from puppy shenanigans, less than a gracious hostess perhaps, but essentially unthreatened by the newcomer. Brandy T. Labrador has only met Molly through the screen door. Brandy gave a mighty woof. Molly let out a startled yipe and fled to the living room while Brandy bowed on the deck and said, “I’m the dog, I’m the dog.” Molly and Brandy will bear watching…

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2 comments on “Band on the Run
  1. Janaki says:

    Beth’s feet are gorgeous!!
    Oh, the dog–
    She is adogdorable. Veneta looks unperturbed. What does T. as a middle initial stand for? The?
    I am so happy you got a puppy. Good luck with her and your gang.

  2. fp says:

    T. stands for “the”…
    did you see that I blogged your Carville joke without attribution? Thanks for sending it! Or thank Christopher. Not such a joke though, is it?



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