I’m beginning to notice some improvement


George Carlin said that Pablo Casals, when asked why at the age of 93 he still practiced for three hours a day, said, “I’m beginning to notice some improvement.” I love that line, whether it’s true or not. And so, after writing for sixty years, I’m hoping to see some improvement myself.

Blogging is perhaps not the best way to practice writing because there’s always some technical detail to distract you. But I have a feeling that we’re approaching a period when the friends and followings we share in the social media can come together to provide readers for well written blog posts. I’ll never know, I suppose, since I’m unlikely to produce one. Still. Here’s the old Listics blog with a few new bells and whistles. This is a test post. Don’t read it.

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12 comments on “I’m beginning to notice some improvement
  1. Doug Alder says:

    Tl;DR 🙂 What a surprise to see something new from you in my feed today Frank.

  2. beth says:

    too late. I read it. And will look forward to your posts

  3. LW says:

    hey ! yes. been thinking a lot about this. writing. practicing. music. currently taking an ear training course at berklee “& beginning to notice some improvement” ! lately pondering the difference between making things for other people’s (momentary) approval (“like”-minded people) & doing things for the love of it first & foremost & sharing & opening a conversation with likeminded people. World of Difference. just because everyone else is screaming “HURRY” . . . i’m gonna slow down here. thanks fp.

  4. Frank Paynter says:

    Thanks Leslie.

  5. Tamarika says:

    Am reading this and looking forward to more, more, more …

  6. Fpaynter says:

    Test comment from 6+

  7. …and I promise not to read yours, again, and again and…

  8. Karl says:

    This looks great. I sometimes think of Facebook now as a place where I can edit my thoughts before I post them on my blog. It’s great to see this with a fresh coat of paint Frank.



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