Obama to do Daily Show before election


A couple of days ago I said

So what did I learn last night that the fans who were saving their energy for today’s football game might have missed? Here’s a list:

  • Condaleezza Rice was on the Jon Stewart show this week flogging her autobiography and her own peculiar brand of Presbyterianism. In an effort to remain fair and balanced, Stewart will have Medea Benjamin on the show this coming Tuesday.

That’s wrong. According to The Daily Show website, the Jon and Condi show will be re-run tonight. Last week when I heard Medea say she’d be on the Daily Show on Tuesday, I think I misinterpreted. According to Facebook rumor, she is filming something today that will probably run next week.

* * *
Meanwhile, Ed Henry at CNN reports,

In the final week leading up to the midterm election, President Obama will appear on the “Daily Show” for the first time since taking office as host Jon Stewart takes his popular show on the road to Washington.

I think the last week in October is going to be a big one for Jon Stewart and company; a big one too for the US of A, if we can get everyone stirred up enough to vote on the first Tuesday in November. Apathy is the democracy killer.

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  1. Don Harvey says:

    You betchum Red Ryder.



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